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Lo Shu Grid:Angel Numbers

The Lo Shu Grid is an ancient Chinese divination tool that is said to contain powerful secrets of the universe. This grid consists of nine squares, each with a specific number from 1 to 9, arranged in a particular order. This configuration has become known as the Lo Shu magic square and is believed to represent the harmony of the heavens and earth.

The numbers on the grid form a series of interlocking numerical relationships that can be used for various purposes. It contains important mathematical ratios and proportions that are said to influence everything from nature to human behavior. It is also used for astrological readings, feng shui analysis, numerology calculations and more.

The most interesting use of the Lo Shu Grid lies in its ability to offer insight into one’s past, present or future by connecting it with their birth date. By plotting each number onto its respective position within the grid, we can gain insight into our life journey and what lessons we may need to learn along the way.

In addition to traditional uses for fortunetelling, energy healers and spiritual practitioners are now utilizing this sacred tool as an effective manifestation tool through combining it with meditation techniques. By setting an intention while tapping into its power, anything can be achieved!***

draw lo shu grid:

4 9 2

3 5 7

8 1 6

Planes and significance in Lo shu Grid:

Vertical plane 4 3 8:

The first vertical row or plane is the Line of Thought, which reveals an individual’s capacity for creative thinking and fondness for structure. It can also be referred to as the Plane of the Planner, due to its representation of a person’s aptitude for planning.

The second vertical row or plane 9 5 1:

The Line of Plane of Determination and Will demonstrates an individual’s drive to reach their desired objectives. The vertical row symbolizes a person’s unwavering determination, willpower, patience, and tenacity in order to achieve success.

The third vertical row or Plane 2 7 6 :

This is called ‘The Line of Plane of Action’. It revolves around the individual’s ability to put his ideas and ability in action and execute them. This plane is therefore also known as ‘The Plane of Action’ or ‘The Plane of Activity’.

Horizontal plane

4 9 2

The Mind Plane is the highest point of an individual’s birth chart, and it represents a person’s natural cognitive abilities. Memory, intellect, analytical aptitude, and thought process are all capabilities that rest on this plane. It is telling of one’s capability for understanding complex tasks or concepts with ease.

3 5 7

The center of the birth chart is known as the Soul or Emotional Plane, a reflection which amplifies our sensitivity, artistic ability, love for freedom and independence in spiritual matters. It also speaks to how intune we are with our intuition.

8 1 6

The bottom line of a birth chart is the physical plane, often referred to as the practical plane. This section reflects one’s pragmatic abilities and motor skills, how they articulate audibly and express themselves verbally; plus their aptitude for organizing materialistically or working with their hands.

Diagnol Planes

success plane 4 5 6

The first diagonal line of the Lo Shu Grid is known as the Success Plane, which reflects an individual’s capacity to complete tasks and achieve desired goals.

This plane reveals how well an individual works autonomously and how they handle responsibility.

spiritual plane 8 5 2

The second diagonal line is called The Spiritual Plane, which speaks to one’s belief system. It reveals religious leanings or a lack thereof, as well as what motivates a person spiritually: whether it be meditation and introspection or prayer and ritual.

It can also suggest one’s spiritual journey from this life into the afterlife. Overall interpretation:The Lo Shu grid provides an in-depth look into an individual’s personality traits and characteristics. It gives valuable insight into their innate strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to better understand and guide them on their life path. By examining the planes in the Lo Shu grid, one can gain better insight into who they are and how their life will unfold.

The Lo shu Grid is a square chart divided into nine sections, each with a number from 1 to 9. It has been used for centuries as a tool for divination and fortune telling in China. In Chinese mythology, it was believed that the gods had sent this grid down from heaven as an aid to help people understand the world around them. The grid is said to represent the entire universe, with each section having its own special meaning or purpose.

The most commonly accepted interpretation of the Lo shu Grid is based on Taoism, which states that all things in nature are interconnected. The numbers in each box represent the five elements (wood, fire, metal, water and earth). Each row and column represents one of the three forces (yin, yang and tao). By placing these numbers into a certain pattern, practitioners can gain insight into the patterns which govern life.

For example, if you wanted to know what kind of luck someone might have in a particular situation, you could analyze their Lo shu Grid. You would look at each number, along with its corresponding element and force, to determine how those energies interact within that particular person’s life. This could provide guidance on their future path and help them make better decisions.

In addition to fortune-telling and divination, the Lo shu Grid can also be used for Feng Shui purposes. By studying this grid, practitioners can understand how energy flows throughout a living space and how to arrange furniture and other items to improve the flow of energy. This can help create a more harmonious atmosphere.

Overall, the Lo shu Grid is an ancient way to understand the mysterious interconnectedness of life. By studying its patterns and meanings, practitioners can gain insight into their own lives as well as those around them. It is still used today by many fortune tellers and Feng Shui experts as a powerful tool for interpretation and guidance.


The Lo shu Grid is an important part of Chinese mythology that has been used for centuries in divination, fortune-telling, and Feng Shui. It contains numbers representing the five elements which are believed to be connected with each other, and the three forces of yin, yang, and tao. By studying these patterns and combinations of numbers, practitioners can gain insight into their own lives and those of others. In this way, the Lo shu Grid can be used as a tool for understanding the mysterious interconnectedness of life.

The Lo Shu Grid offers remarkable potential when it comes to unlocking hidden patterns in our lives; by understanding its true power we can open up new doorways to manifesting our desires without having to rely on luck or chance alone!

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