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DR RB Sudha

Certified Life Coach
Success and Mindset Coach

Success is not a result of achieving predetermined goals, but rather of continually taking steps in the right direction. With life coaching, you can create a plan and work together with your coach to achieve success. There are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you are willing to take action and continuously improve.

Guide For Life

Get To Know Me

A Little Bit About Myself

Hi, I am Dr RB Sudha:Certified Life Coach,LOA Trainer,An International award winning artists , Astrologer,Cake & Pastry artist and Trainer From India. A Mother of three sons and a self-made person with over a decade of experience in teaching having doctorate in Astrology and holding several Certifications .

My Mission & Approach

My mission is to transform 1 million people to abundance and happiness. To help anyone as many people as possible. To live Happily:)

I’v Been Helping Create Positive Changes In People's Lives For Over 5 Years.

Areas Of Specialty

Career Development

Manifesting your dream job using the Law of Attraction requires intentional thought.

Personal Growth

By being grateful and by focusing on our dreams we can change our energy,

Building Self - Confidence

Change the negative thoughts and patterns that make you believe you are unworthy

Navigating Changes

When you focus on the abundance in your life, you tend to attract positive things into your life.

Life balance

When we find balance we are vibrating at high-frequency needed for the LOA to work.

Relationship Coaching

MANIFEST an amazing life with the Love and Relationships you've always wanted, EFFORTLESSLY

Professional Background


 Life Coach, Law of Attraction Trainer, Astrologer, and Trainer From India. 

  • Life Coach

  • Law of attraction (wealth) Coach

  • Teacher Of EFT Techniques

  • Access bars practitioner

  • Certifications in  meditation

  • Certified LOA Master trainer

  • 10 years experience in Counselling and life counselling

  • Helped several people to follow their passion and to find their life purpose
  • An International award winning artist


Law of attraction Coach

Law of attraction (wealth) Coach

Life Coach

Doctorate in Astrology

Access Bars practitioner

Arka vidya 

Pranic Healing 

Trainer in EFT ,Bach Flower Medicines

Meditation Teacher

Life Experience

My Own Journey To Self Discovery

Started my journey into counselling in 2005 after graduating in Astrology . Then Started learning and teaching all other art forms like Confectionery flower making  baking designing cosmetics so on…Eternal  learner, Excellent student… I Am Having a rich experience in counselling and guiding there too.

I am thankful to Universe for giving me so much capacity for learning and guiding meLooking forward to guide more people to abundance and Happiness.