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Guide to Remove Negative Thoughts

Removing negative thoughts and intentions can be a difficult process, but there are some effective strategies that can help. First, it is important to try to identify the source of the negative thinking or intent. Is it something related to your past experiences or relationships? Is it something that you have heard from others or read somewhere? Once you have identified the source of the negativity, you can begin to work on actively removing it from your life.

One powerful way to do this is through mindfulness meditation. Taking time each day to focus on your breath and observe your thoughts can help to create space between yourself and the negative thinking or intentions. This gives you a chance to overpower them with more positive thoughts. Additionally, being mindful of how you are speaking to yourself and others can be helpful in recognizing when negative comments or stories come up, so that they can be released instead of reinforced.

Making sure that you have an active support system in place is also important for recovering from any form of negative thinking or intentions. Turning towards friends, family members, mentors, or professionals who understand what you are going through can help to provide a safe space for healing and reflection.

Finally, engaging in activities that bring joy into your life can be a powerful way to move away from negative thinking or intentions. Doing things like reading inspiring books, listening to uplifting music, practicing yoga, taking walks in nature, or expressing yourself creatively can all help boost your mood and create an environment of positivity.

By being mindful of the negative thoughts and intentions that arise, utilizing helpful strategies such as mindfulness meditation and having a support system in place, as well as engaging in joyful activities–you will be able to slowly but surely push away any negativity that is present in your life. With time and dedication it is possible to not only remove the negative thinking and intentions, but also to find inner peace and happiness.

Tips to remove negative thoughts and guide them to positive thoughts:

1. Start by acknowledging the negative thought and accept that it has arisen.

2. Take a deep breath and focus on your breath for a few moments to create some mental space from the thought.

3. Reframe the thought with a positive perspective, such as expressing gratitude or looking at the situation in a different light.

4. Replace the negative thought with an affirmation of something you are thankful for or an inspiring quote that resonates with you.

5. Take action towards achieving your goal, no matter how small, which will help to shift your focus away from negativity and onto something more constructive.

6. Repeat these steps each time a negative thought arises until it becomes second nature to reframe your thoughts in a positive light.

Anchoring Technique:

Anchoring is a technique used to help quickly shift from a negative mindset to a more positive one. When you are feeling overwhelmed by a particular thought or emotion, take a few deep breaths and focus on your breath for at least five minutes. Then, think of an event or experience that brought you joy in the past and recall it as vividly as possible. Concentrate on how this experience made you feel, such as relaxed, joyful, or excited. Once your emotions start to shift towards the positive side, anchor this new emotion with an action like touching your earlobe or clenching your fist–whatever works best for you. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed again, touch your earlobe or clench your fist and it will remind you of the positive emotion, allowing you to quickly shift back into a happier state.


The rubberband technique is another tool that can be used to help shift your mindset away from negative thoughts. Whenever a negative thought or emotion arises, take a rubberband and place it around your wrist. Then, think of something that brings you joy and stretch the rubber band away from yourself as far as you can. When the rubberband reaches its limit, it will snap back towards your body and act as a reminder to focus on positive thoughts instead. This technique is effective because it helps to redirect your attention away from the negative thoughts and towards something more uplifting and empowering.


Mantras are short, powerful statements that can be used to reframe negative thoughts and intentions. Examples of mantras include “I am strong,” “I am capable of achieving my goals,” and “I choose to live in the present moment.” Each time a negative thought or emotion arises, take a few moments to focus on your breath and then repeat the mantra out loud or in your head. Mantras can help shift your mindset away from negativity and towards a more positive outlook.


Pinching is another useful tool for shifting negative thoughts and intentions. Whenever a negative thought arises, take your thumb and index finger of one hand and pinch the skin on the back of your other hand. This physical sensation will help to snap you out of the negative thought pattern and redirect your attention to something uplifting.

Hoʻoponopono :

“Ho’oponopono” is a Hawaiian tradition of reconciling and forgiving. It means “correction” in English and can also be synonymous with “manage” or “supervise”. Whenever negative thoughts arise, take a few moments to practice this calming meditation. Begin by saying “I love you” three times and then say “I’m sorry” three times. Next, say “please forgive me” three times and finally, end with saying “thank you”. This meditation helps to release negative emotional energy and can be used to quickly shift your mindset away from negativity.


Affirmations are positive statements that help to reprogram your mind and shift any negative thoughts or emotions. Examples of affirmations include “I am worthy of great things”, “I can achieve anything I set my mind to”, and “My future is bright and full of possibilities”. Whenever a negative thought arises, take a few moments to focus on your breath and then repeat the affirmation out loud or in your head. Affirmations can help to shift your perspective and create a more positive mindset.


Rituals are a great way to counteract negative thoughts and intentions because they help create structure in our lives. Creating a daily ritual that consists of activities that bring you joy, such as yoga, journaling, or meditating can help to cultivate a more positive mindset. Additionally, creating rituals that focus on self-love and appreciation, such as writing down three things you are grateful for each day or giving yourself a compliment can help to shift your energy away from negativity and onto something more empowering.


Visualization is a powerful tool for shifting your mindset towards the positive. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future, having achieved all of your goals. Focus on how this achievement makes you feel–happy, accomplished, proud. Imagine the positive emotions radiating from within you and allow these feelings to take over your body. Whenever a negative thought or emotion arises, take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize yourself in this future state. This will help to quickly shift your mindset away from the negativity .

Having a support system:

Having supportive people in your life can be invaluable when it comes to removing negative thoughts and intentions from your life. Whatever it is that you’re going through, having someone who can listen to without judgement can help you to gain some perspective on your situation and find a way out of the negative cycle. Talking with others can also help you to identify which thoughts and beliefs no longer serve you and give you the courage to let them go.

By following these tips, you can begin to shift the negative thoughts and intentions in your life towards more positive ones. With consistent effort, it is possible to find balance between the two and create an environment of inner peace and contentment.

Make sure to take care of yourself emotionally and physically by engaging in self-care strategies such as getting enough rest, eating nutritious meals, exercising regularly, practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, and connecting with friends or family members. Taking time for yourself will help reinforce positive habits that can be used to support your journey away from negativity.

Best of luck!

Thank you for reading! Hopefully these strategies will help you to create a more positive mindset.

I wish you all the best on this journey towards a brighter future! 🙂

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