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If you come from a family that was not particularly encouraging when it came to gratitude or, worse yet, constantly blamed and criticized others, transitioning your attitude on life from feeling like life happens “to me” (Victim mentality) towards one of abundance and wonder (Creator orientation) may prove difficult. Fortunately there is the Gratitude Loop which will help with this process. The first step in this loop? Simply expect good things! 

What you anticipate is what you look for and embrace. As a result, “allowing yourself to receive” becomes the second step in the appreciation cycle. On the surface, this may appear selfish; however, it’s critical to understand that if we accept only goodness into our lives then we are not taking away from others or fostering a sentiment of lack by believing there isn’t enough good in this world – something known as Victim mentality. To counterbalance these beliefs, open your heart and soul up to experiencing abundance within your life – be willing to give AND receive!

When you receive less than what you’re expecting, it’s difficult to appreciate the little that’s been given. That voice inside your head saying “I need to hoard whatever I have because there won’t be more” is a sign of Victim thinking. To break free from these limiting beliefs and cultivate gratitude for your situation, learn how to accept with appreciation and enthusiasm – this sets in motion the powerful Gratitude Loop! This journey starts with believing good will come, followed by allowing yourself to truly ‘receive,’ before giving thanks and expressing deep gratefulness.

Beginning with the expectation for something favorable, we open ourselves up to receive and express gratitude. In being thankful no matter our current circumstances, feelings of victimhood are reduced and replaced with a newfound ability to recognize what gifts or lessons can be found in every situation or relationship. Practicing appreciation daily keeps our hearts receptive and humble – allowing us to continually appreciate all that life has given us.

Finally, the Gratitude Loop closes with reflecting on what has been given. This is a critical step in its cycle because it’s only through reflection that we can truly recognize and appreciate our blessings. Acknowledge both the little and big moments of joy, and use them to propel yourself forward in a positive direction. When you practice expressing gratitude daily you not only gain an insight on all of the good in your life, but it also helps to foster a mindset that allows for more abundance in the future. Through this loop we cultivate a Creator orientation and unlock our potential for true appreciation.

Actively expressing gratitude not only makes us more giving individuals, but also enhances our mindfulness. By regularly showing appreciation for the interactions and moments we are fortunate to experience, it helps open our eyes to a world of opportunities in which we can share compassion with others. Practicing thankfulness pulls us into the present moment so that we can better recognize what is happening around us and become inspired by how much there is left to give back.

With an understanding of how much abundance we possess, we come to appreciate our ability to be generous and offer assistance in situations where it is needed. Realizing that ‘enough’ already exists allows us the freedom from having to excessively guard what resources we have.

Fostering gratitude for the moments in which we have overcome adversity, fear and worry with help from others can allow us to become that helping hand too. We understand that it is possible for us to do something positive because someone has done something positive for us!

What you appreciate will appreciates ! Doesn t it?

It is through understanding the Gratitude Loop that we can unlock appreciation for ourselves and others, and create a world of abundance where everyone has the chance to thrive. The ripple effects are beautiful – when we express thanks, it empowers us to accept with joy, open our hearts to receive more and give back in return! Appreciate the value of your own experience, be thankful for all that is gifted to you and share it with others – this is how we create a cycle of abundance, joy and appreciation. Together, we can create a world that is overflowing with gratitude!

Yes, indeed – What you appreciate will appreciates! Taking the time to express gratitude for what we have helps us to recognize our blessings and open ourselves up to receive more.

Extreme appreciation leads to more happiness and fulfillment, and encourages us to be generous with our time and resources. Practicing the Gratitude Loop helps us to understand the power of appreciation and how it can help create a cycle of abundance between ourselves and others. With this understanding, we become empowered to spread positivity, joy and gratitude all around us!

This creates a virtuous cycle of gratefulness and generosity; as we express our appreciation towards God and mankind, our own kindheartedness and compassion are triggered. All it takes is an action – no matter how small – to make a difference.

The Gratitude Loop is an incredibly powerful tool to help transition from Victim thinking to Creator orientation – and with practice, these values will become deeply rooted in our lives! With the right attitude and increased awareness, we can move away from feelings of lack or deprivation toward one of openness and appreciation. So open yourself up to receive, give thanks often, and use reflection as a way to finish the cycle and bring true gratitude into your life!    ​

Expressing gratitude can help us to acknowledge the positive contributions of those around us, viewing them as co-creators. Abide by the three easy steps within this cycle of appreciation: anticipate what is good; feel free to accept it; and develop a heartfelt appreciation for all that comes your way. These simple actions will give you – and everyone nearby – an immense boost in joy!

Thank you for reading! I hope this article has been helpful in understanding the Gratitude Loop and how to use it to cultivate a Creator orientation.

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